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Naida Communications is a full-service sales-oriented marketing strategist, consulting and training company dedicated to providing integrated sales and marketing solutions tailored to your business. Our only mandate is to help you and your team optimize internal processes and scale on a consistent basis. We will help you elevate your sales™ and marketing, while differentiating you from your competition.


Sales and Marketing


A salesperson can be the best at what they do, but without the right tools, they might not ever succeed. At the same time, an award-winning marketing campaign might look really nice but ultimately garners no sales. 

This is a business after all, and the success of that business depends on both sales and marketing. At Naida Communications, the strategic initiatives we put in place are those that will achieve the overall business objectives and, most importantly, scale your business.

Naida strategically aligns sales and marketing so that both divisions are working together synergistically. We constantly ask ourselves, “what sales objective are we trying to solve, and what marketing collateral can help us achieve that objective?” It’s never just about sales training or a website but how it can all come together to help a business grow.

This is the basis of our sales and marketing integration, a process we employ to keep sales and marketing accountable to each other, while keeping the business, and what it’s trying to achieve, front of mind.





In 2009, Jeff Vilar launched Naida Communications, a sales and marketing
growth consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses generate and elevate
their sales. With more than 28 years of experience in the sales and
marketing arena, Jeff has been instrumental in the growth of many
businesses involved in a variety of industries including manufacturing,
agriculture, telecommunications, technology, distribution, insurance and
financial services. His high energy facilitation and presentation style for the
Trade Accelerator Programs (TAP) across Canada  is coupled with his deep
rooted sales, marketing and export knowledge and expertise. 
Jeff’s diligent and no-compromise attitude to strategic sales and marketing
initiatives and sales process development enables him to provide his clients
with a high level of accountability. However, his most prominent asset is his
relentless dedication toward growing the companies with whom he partners.
His one goal, always, is to “Elevate your Sales”!

Ryan Alexander

General Manager

As the General Manager at NAIDA Communications, Ryan is fortunate enough to make a difference with so many different small-to-medium-sized businesses who need marketing and sales guidance.

For more than a decade, he has created integrated marketing solutions for NAIDA’s clients looking to grow their business with the focus on strategy first and foremost.

Not only does he manage the day-to-day marketing production of the various projects and campaigns but also the bigger picture, strategically directing the team to ensure we meet our clients’ business objectives.

Through two decades of experience, Ryan has had an impact with so many of our customers by simply understanding their business model, goals and pain points first before even suggesting any potential solutions!

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