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Creativity starts with an idea

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Ad Agency & Design Services

Whether it’s a simple logo design, a vibrant layout for your magazine or catalogue, or a stunning direct mail postcard or billboard campaign, Naida Communications creates exceptional design and visuals that will catch someone’s attention and leave a lasting impression.

In keeping with our ‘Blank Canvas’ philosophy, we have no preconceived ideas when we sit down with your team for our initial Creative Discovery.  Only until we fully understand your business, your marketing objectives, your customers, your brand culture and your value propositions do we proceed in formulating a customized solution that meets your creative and design requirements.

Once we are in full execution mode, we apply the 2.3 Second Rule in marketing.  You only have 2.3 seconds to catch your potential customer’s attention.   Customers see so many different forms of advertising that they have developed an internal process to filter information.  The first 2.3 seconds is your chance to ‘Attract ATTENTION’ hence your Design & Marketing has to be intriguing, entertaining, informational, memorable and relevant!

According to Christopher M. Knight, CEO of Ezine Articles…“You must have mindshare before you can have market share”.

To find out how Naida Communications can help you ‘Attract ATTENTION’ through Creative Design elements, please send us an email at: [email protected] or contact us at 204.488.7733.