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Morris Interactive
Morris Interactive employed NAIDA Communications for a set-term Lead Generation Campaign to support and ensure success of attendance at a trade event in Hawaii, USA.

Why did you choose to work with NAIDA for a lead generation campaign?

“We were introduced to NAIDA through the STEP Trade Accelerator Program, in which we enrolled to facilitate the expansion of our business to the U.S. market. During the mentorship portion of the program, NAIDA experts presented some intriguing considerations for how to elevate our lead generation activities for a trade show we were scheduled to attend shortly thereafter.
We pursued further conversations and decided to partner with NAIDA to support us in maximizing return on the event.“


What were your thoughts on the process that NAIDA took to provide a solution?

“From our initial mentorship conversation with NAIDA until show date we had only 4 weeks to activate and see results. The NAIDA team took the reins and walked our entire leadership team through company discovery, strategy, and script development. This led to the engagement of their call team to book appointments with prospective customers in our calendars.
Their team made us feel supported, prepared, and reassured throughout, allowing us to focus on preparing for the trade show itself.”


Now that NAIDA supported you in developing your foundational value proposition and key sales messaging for sales, can you speak to how that has helped your overall direction for customer-facing sales and marketing activities?

“Having a solid Value Proposition to work from has provided our team with the guiding light of not only how to speak to our service offering, but how to define what differentiates us from the competition. This has allowed our prospect- and customer-facing conversations to be more purposeful, controlled, and consistent, avoiding any diluted understanding of what Morris Interactive can offer.”


How has NAIDA’s direction on best practices for trade shows altered the focus of your team, if at all, for these types of events?

“Our partnership with NAIDA has allowed us to look at every trade event as an opportunity for proactive sales. Internally, we’ve elevated how we inject intentional communication into both sales and marketing activities.”


Was the campaign a success?

“Absolutely. Not only did NAIDA manage to put together and implement this campaign in the limited 4-week timeline, but they were also able to book us a total of 19 appointments with new, warm leads for this event. Overall, we were able to make great connections and generated new business that we may not have been able to achieve so shortly after the show without NAIDA’s sales-first strategy. NAIDA set our team up for success!”

  • Case Facts: Pre-booked appointment breakdown
    • Pre-Show: 2
    • During Show: 17

Would you refer NAIDA to other companies? If so, why?

“Yes, I believe everyone on our team would refer NAIDA to other companies. Their team took the time to learn about our company, our goals, and our sales infrastructure to ensure success. The dedication they have to supporting their clients grow their business is something we appreciate above all.“

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