Why Naida?

Not your typical Sales & Marketing company

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How We Add Value

At Naida Communications we bring the Blank Canvas philosophy to our customer relationships. What does this mean? This means we have no preconceived notion or ideas before looking at the facts and hearing what you have to say about your company, your marketing objectives, your brand culture, your customers and the value proposition that you offer.   As a design and marketing company, we do the unthinkable – we listen.   Why? Every business is different, every customer is unique and every marketing pain is not the same.

From our first meeting, you will see that we love what we do and that we L.A.F.F. with our customers. We Listen, Analyze, Formulate strategies & solutions and offer Feedback. You can rest assured that every client, big or small is our most important. We take a full team approach to our client’s marketing strategy engaging the right expertise to alleviate your specific marketing pains and add value to your organization.

How is this accomplished at Naida Communications?

    1. By showing how your organization can leverage the Web, New Media, Direct Mail, Branding, One-to-one marketing & Design in order to increase ROI
    2. By providing a high level of expertise in each facet of your marketing strategy without the ad agency overheads
    3. By formulating a customized marketing strategy specific to your organization and engaging only the required strategic partners
    4. By conceptualizing, creating & designing strategies, campaigns & visuals that will have impact & create an ROI
    5. By ensuring your corporate BRAND culture is the cumulative impression of touch points for your internal and external customers
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