Online Marketing Strategy

Strategic focus on the right target market

Websites That Deliver

Naida Communications will help develop a Web Strategy and New Media Strategy that will convert your visitors to customers or advance them forward through your sales cycle. Not only will we Design a website that will attract ‘ATTENTION’, but we can formulate Online strategies that you can measure and will produce an ROI for your business.  Allow us to show you how you can leverage your site and New Media strategies to be your 24/7 Salesperson…always open for business!

The most difficult hurdles that organizations face are:

1.    How to drive traffic to your site?

2.    How to interact with visitors & convert them to customers once they hit your site?

At Naida Communications, our New Media experts will take you through an in depth Discovery Process about your business, your short and long term marketing objectives, your sales process from beginning to end, your brand, ideal customers and your unique value propositions that differentiate you from your competitors. We take all of that information and customize a New Media Strategy that can include:

  • Creative and Design that will have impact
  • Architecture that will reflect Buyer Personas for your ideal customers and prospects
  • Google Sponsored link programs
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Applications
  • Testimonial applications
  • Videos, E-Newsletter, Blogs and Facebook Pages


The most important piece of information that you will learn from our team is that your website isn’t about YOU… it’s simply about ENHANCING YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.

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