Elevate your sales­ ™

The naida advantage

Through our established sales
service model, we take companies
to the next level by
increasing their
sales on a consistent basis and teaching
them to maintain that growth independently.

Let’s face it. All companies want the same thing: to grow their business.

And that’s exactly what we do at Naida.

How you ask?

Audit & Assess Your Business

Develop Your Prospecting Strategy

Customize The Message

Increase Your Market Share

Team Building & Restructuring if Necessary



After analysing all your existing and potential markets, Naida will hone in on a strategy to develop and acquire new business. Lead generation and driving consumer interest is an important aspect of what Naida can do for you.

Naida sales training

The purpose of our sales training program is to get your team thinking differently about sales and marketing, and working differently in day-to-day operations, as you scale the business, to ensure ongoing success and revenue.

Through Naida Sales Training, participants optimize foundational sales skills, evolve their strategic analysis and formulation skills, and develop the associated tactics for implementation of a successful sales infrastructure for their business.

We have designed this program to support the development of experienced sales reps, as well as the introduction of new sales reps to the best practices of a revenue-generating sales process. With Naida, you can strengthen your sales team’s closing ratio, and ultimately, increase revenue.

SALES Process Development

Be it lead generation or the follow-up and closing process, many companies who are looking to scale hold a pain point in some part of the sales process. We will work in collaboration with you, whether you already have a dedicated sales team or not, to refine and elevate your sales playbook and bring that closing rate to as close to 100% as we can.


Sometimes, it’s just a matter of assessing your current resources, your current team, and determining who would be best suited for any given role. More often than not, the perfect salesperson is right under your nose. If there’s not a perfect fit internally, Naida can help find that person and make sure they are a good fit for your team and culture.

Whether it’s a lack of time or expertise, you will always be able to lean on Naida to help you manage your sales force. That way, you have experience on your side to assist your team and close more deals.

Did you know?

We’re Export Planning Specialists

Are you looking to break into the international market?

Naida Communications is an active partner of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) and has helped hundreds of Canadian businesses through their export journey and beyond as a trusted advisor, sponsor, and partner of the World Trade Centre’s Trade Accelerator Program (TAP).

Exponential growth opportunity is available beyond our domestic borders.

With Naida, the possibilities are endless.

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