While Naida would love nothing more than develop the strategic direction for your sales and marketing initiatives, we know that some businesses have more self-sufficient intentions.

Through our various training programs, we offer you the opportunity to learn from the experts at Naida, as we’ll give you the skillsets you need to grow your business.

Naida SALES Training

Sales is more than just selling. In this program, we teach our participants to optimize foundational sales skills, evolve their strategic analysis and formulation skills, and develop the associated tactics of a successful sales infrastructure for their business. It’s time to start thinking differently about sales.

Not only did we design this program to support the development of experienced sales reps, but also to guide new sales reps ensuring they know the best practices of a revenue-generating sales process. With Naida, you can strengthen your sales team’s closing ratio, and ultimately, increase revenue.

Naida Customer Service Training

Relationships and the maintaining of relationships are the key ingredient to the growth of any business.

Through Naida Customer Service Training, participants explore the role customer service plays in the sales cycle, learn to differentiate themselves from the competition, and focus on communicating care and building relationships.

Participants will gain the skills to handle objections, offer a memorable customer experience, and increase the probability of converting prospects and one-time customers to long-term, repeat customers.


The value proposition is the ultimate proposition because it’s one that no other competitor can make. It’s what your business chooses to make a stand about, and it’s exactly why your customers will want to choose you. Not many businesses can succinctly tell you what makes them different or why you should choose them over a competitor.

Naida has designed this training program to ensure your entire team knows your differentiator and can be confident in how they convey key messages to their specific target markets.


If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the countless directions you can take your business, this training program helps reframe the way you think about those choices, giving you a clear sales and marketing strategic direction.

Naida will give you the lens from which you can create a more symbiotic relationship between your revenue generating departments, so they work towards one goal: the growth of your organization. We will train your team to think differently about how you can scale your growth and create a recurring revenue model to increase the lifetime value of your customer.


You might have a business strategy, but sometimes, you lack the skills or knowhow to execute upon that strategy. In today’s world, it’s prudent for any small-to-medium-sized business to have a strong digital marketing presence.

In this program, Naida will assess where your business digitally stands and identify technology gaps and your potential for opportunity. Whether it’s a matter of content organization or understanding how certain digital platforms work, we work with the key members of your team to give them a foundational skillset in a variety of digital initiatives.

“I believe my management team gained a lot from the training in that it is important to know what customers need not what we have to sell.  I think the take away for all managers will be to ask better questions with not only their counterparts in the customer’s organization but amongst ourselves in trying to understand a person’s perspective in trying to solve problems and come up with solutions.”

“It was a great program and I already see how it’s improved my role.”

“Great job Naida! Thank you for working with our growing and changing team to make this training meaningful and effective!”

“I now have confidence in having sales conversations and realize sales is a process that requires time and commitment.”

“It has taught me to focus on helping prospects, getting to know them, keeping in touch and staying in control without having to start with a sales pitch.”

“Great job Naida! Thank you for working with our growing and changing team to make this training meaningful and effective!”

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